Friday, October 25, 2013

New Sculpture "Four Feet Under" Installed

The University Library is pleased to announce the completion of a new site specific sculpture, located at the west entrance, created and designed by Prof. Susan Morrison’s students of ART 398 (Sec. 21). “Four Feet Under” is a vertical structure of nine “I” beams spanning 20 feet and weighing 240 pounds.

Students describe the work as, “our design of line, plane, and space have been combined to create an imposing array of spiral velocity. The powerful vertical structure standing its tallest at 16ft is also inviting with its open construction between the spiraling beams. The spacious proximity of the spiraling beams for viewers to visually explore drives their eyes to the radial balance as the composition’s negative space is connected at the center of the tightest wound beam. The repetition of increasing beam heights creates rhythm and the multiple perspectives the structure can be viewed at accentuate the design.

Congratulations to the following students, and to many others on campus and in the community who made this project happen: Joshua Boehm, James Butch, Brianna Campbell, Hannah Herkert, Adam Hintze, Thomas Krutza, Amanda Miller, Angela Nelson, Christine Nelson, Emily Peterson-Robbins, Mary Reitmeyer, Lisa Strojny, Courtney Zamzow.

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